Monday, April 24, 2006

Namma Annovru - Dr. Rajkumar. 

Here are some Facts about Dr.Rajkumar's achievements... No wonder he is one of the Greatest Actor in the World...

- The First Actor in the Indian Film Industry to get Doctorate for acting (Mysore University)

- Only Indian Actor to get "Kentuky Colonel", a prestigeous award given by the Kentuky state, USA (previously recieved by British Prime Minister & Russian Prime Minister)

- The only Actor to have acted in only One language (Kannada) over a period of 50 years

- Only Actor in the Indian Film Industry, in whose name the State Government is giving an Award when he was still alive, every year to a person who has given outstanding contribution to the Film Industry
- Only Actor to have around 5000 fans Association across the world
- Only Actor to recieve Nation Award for both SINGING & ACTING
- First Actor whose first film itself won the National Award for Best Movie
- First Kannada Actor to win "Dada Saheb Phalke Award", prestigeous award given by Indian Govt. for the achievement in the Film Industry
- Only Actor to have more than 10 Titles given by the Government & other Associations (Karnataka Rathna, Kannada Kanteerava, Kala Kausthuba, Rasikara Raja, Padmabhushana, Nata Sarvabhouma, Kentuky colonel, Annavru, Gana Gandharva, Nithya Noothana Nata Shreshta, Doctorate, etc...)
- Only Kannada Actor to recieve "Padmabhushan" award for achievement in the Film Industry
- Only Actor in the Indian Film industry to recieve 9 State Awards for acting, 10 Film Fare Awards, 2 State Awards for Singing
- Only Actor ever to Act in 14 Films in a single year twice, once in 1964 & other in 1968
- Only Kannada Actor to Act as Hero with both Mother & Daughter in the Kannada Movies
- Only Kannada Actor to win the "NTR Award" given by Andhra Govt. for the person giving outstanding contribution to the Film Industry
- He is the Hero of the Longest Running Kannada Movie ever
- Bangarada Manushya, which ran for 2 years in one of the theatres in Bangalore & 1 year in 5 centres
- The Success Rate of his Movies is 95%, highest ever than any other actor in the Indian Film Industry No one else in the world may ever achieve what he has achieved... Hats off to Raj Kumar...

Dr Raj Abhimani

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