Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dr. Rajkumar - A Legend in Indian Cinema, has passed away 

The Matinee Idol, Emperor of Acting, "Annavuru", Dr. Rajkumar died on 12th April 2006.

Facts n Figures about this Great Kanndiga :

1. Born on 24th April 1928. In Gajanur, small village of Karnataka.
2. Educated till 3rd Standard in the village.
3. Entered the field of entertainment though Gubbi Veeranna Theatre Company.
4. Act in Bedara kannapa,
5. The only actor in indian Film history to be awarded 9 times Best Actor and Once best Playback Singer. - this is greatest achivement in many centuries to come.
6. Humble, Simplist - can say that is a personification of Simplist.
7. The most powerful Man in Karnataka's history ever to be acquired by his charisma.
8. He is the person who have built the Kannada Industry from single brick to a giangatic Industry.
9. Rajkumar is the only second person to get "Karnataka Ratna"
10. He gained more popularity in the "GOKAK" movement, which has saved much of the parts of Karnataka from Annexure in the states border disputes.
11. With all his powers, popularity, Charisma, He never entered POLITICS, RajKumar is considered the Powerhouse of any Karnataka government.

An Incident from 1970-75, Rajkumar was the only Non-Congressman, most Popular activitists NOT be arrested by Indira Gandhi government, Because he is no powerful, and down to earth that the most powerful Indira Gandhi never tried to put him behind bars.. because that would create a Massive Havoc, the Indian government at that time could not bare.

After, the Emergency, The Whole of Karnataka supported Rajkumar to Stand opposite to the Desperate Indira Gandhi. The BJP and JD, George Ferandes + Millions of Kanndigas requested him to oppose Indira Gandhi. But he refused to enter to politics. If at all, he had accepted the offer and without doubt he would win against Indira Gandhi.. He would have Created history in Indian Politics and Rubbed the Nehru families name from Karnataka politics...

Rajkumar always maintained simple life and punctuality in his work for 50 years. that he will never leave the hearts of millions of Kanndigas.

Awards after awards have flown to him, but yet he remained untouched my the fame and power.

he never used his popularity to take any Brands, political party.

He never portaryed himself in the movies with cigar, alcohol.
he is a very disciplined Man..

Dr. RajKumar, passed away, survived by millions of Kannda Fans..

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