Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A Love Letter - .NET Way 

I have a managed heap of memories regarding you - none of which are IDisposable. Therefore I am compiling my references, and persisting them to you in this file, which is ISerializable and will last for generations (at most 3).
I remember how I met you... heartbroken over java (how slow that old relationship was). When I first heard of you, I heard you were COOL. Then I found out how diverse you were in so many languages. You marshalled right over to my world. How easy it was for you to communicate over so many platforms! You understood my profile, and now I could see sharp-ly into your IIdentity.
You took me to your visual studio - it was RAD. So many views and hidden regions! You were so organized with your task list. I love how everything was color coded. It was in that environment when I broke down and stated: "You auto-complete me..."
We had our bugs to work out - we were not the exception. One time you thought we had a break-point. But we would continue to try. Nothing went unhanlded. We caught everything, and finally we come to this moment.
How do you do it? You stay true to so many standards, yet manifest so much. You have such class! There is no other type like you. As I reflect about you, I see that you have many methods - some very internal, some private, and some very protected. Some of your ways are too abstract to know. But what is public about you, anyone can see why you encapsulate so much inside. From what I derive, we can override anything (unless we sealed it).
Let's not box ourselves into the typical cast. We should look to the future - is it generic? I don't know - I may be partial. I will have to iterate over this until I yield.
How long will we survive?
while (this!=null){ continue; }

I can't get this sample to compile - I believe you forgot the using System.RomanceModel; namespace declaration.
I wish I was the .NET framework, so you could live me just as much.
That wanton floozy .NET - I never knew I was in a many-to-one relationship. I was even planning on a decorator. But it was just a facade all along. I would have been better off remaining a singleton. And to think of all those times I was unsafe...! As he mindlessly gazed into the now-empty INamingContainer, Michael groggily climbed back to the ragged precipice of sobriety and realized just how IEnumerable the TimeSpan he spent JITting his ode to .NET was... :)

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