Monday, February 07, 2005

New disc to store one Terabyte of Data 

Six leading technology companies have formeda consortium to make an optical disc that could storea few hundred movies.
The Holographic Versatile Disc (HVD) Alliance, whichincludes Fuji Photo and CMC Magnetics, will letconsumers conceivably put a terabyte (1TB) of data onto a single optical disc, reports Cnet news.com.
The consortium said an HVD disc could hold as much data as 200 standard DVDs and transfer data at overone gigabit a second, or 40 times faster than a DVD.HVD is a possible successor to technologies such asBlu-ray and HD DVD. Single layer Blu-ray discs holdabout 25GB of data while dual layer discs hold 50GB.Ordinary DVD discs hold about 4.7GB.
HVD technology will be pitched at corporations and theentertainment market, the HVD Alliance said.The technology behind HVD is based on holographytechnology from Japan's Optware, one of the sixfounders of the consortium. A technical committee wasformed in December to flesh out HVD standards.
Sony unveiled a home server with 1TB of storage forthe Japanese market last year. Half the capacity wouldbe enough to record six channels of TV for five and ahalf days non-stop, Sony said.

The consortium, however, is looking at firstdeveloping discs with lower capacities. The firstassignments of the technical committee involve comingup with standards for a 200GB recordable disc and a100GB read-only disc.

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