Monday, April 24, 2006

Namma Annovru - Dr. Rajkumar. 

Here are some Facts about Dr.Rajkumar's achievements... No wonder he is one of the Greatest Actor in the World...

- The First Actor in the Indian Film Industry to get Doctorate for acting (Mysore University)

- Only Indian Actor to get "Kentuky Colonel", a prestigeous award given by the Kentuky state, USA (previously recieved by British Prime Minister & Russian Prime Minister)

- The only Actor to have acted in only One language (Kannada) over a period of 50 years

- Only Actor in the Indian Film Industry, in whose name the State Government is giving an Award when he was still alive, every year to a person who has given outstanding contribution to the Film Industry
- Only Actor to have around 5000 fans Association across the world
- Only Actor to recieve Nation Award for both SINGING & ACTING
- First Actor whose first film itself won the National Award for Best Movie
- First Kannada Actor to win "Dada Saheb Phalke Award", prestigeous award given by Indian Govt. for the achievement in the Film Industry
- Only Actor to have more than 10 Titles given by the Government & other Associations (Karnataka Rathna, Kannada Kanteerava, Kala Kausthuba, Rasikara Raja, Padmabhushana, Nata Sarvabhouma, Kentuky colonel, Annavru, Gana Gandharva, Nithya Noothana Nata Shreshta, Doctorate, etc...)
- Only Kannada Actor to recieve "Padmabhushan" award for achievement in the Film Industry
- Only Actor in the Indian Film industry to recieve 9 State Awards for acting, 10 Film Fare Awards, 2 State Awards for Singing
- Only Actor ever to Act in 14 Films in a single year twice, once in 1964 & other in 1968
- Only Kannada Actor to Act as Hero with both Mother & Daughter in the Kannada Movies
- Only Kannada Actor to win the "NTR Award" given by Andhra Govt. for the person giving outstanding contribution to the Film Industry
- He is the Hero of the Longest Running Kannada Movie ever
- Bangarada Manushya, which ran for 2 years in one of the theatres in Bangalore & 1 year in 5 centres
- The Success Rate of his Movies is 95%, highest ever than any other actor in the Indian Film Industry No one else in the world may ever achieve what he has achieved... Hats off to Raj Kumar...

Dr Raj Abhimani

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dr. Rajkumar - A Legend in Indian Cinema, has passed away 

The Matinee Idol, Emperor of Acting, "Annavuru", Dr. Rajkumar died on 12th April 2006.

Facts n Figures about this Great Kanndiga :

1. Born on 24th April 1928. In Gajanur, small village of Karnataka.
2. Educated till 3rd Standard in the village.
3. Entered the field of entertainment though Gubbi Veeranna Theatre Company.
4. Act in Bedara kannapa,
5. The only actor in indian Film history to be awarded 9 times Best Actor and Once best Playback Singer. - this is greatest achivement in many centuries to come.
6. Humble, Simplist - can say that is a personification of Simplist.
7. The most powerful Man in Karnataka's history ever to be acquired by his charisma.
8. He is the person who have built the Kannada Industry from single brick to a giangatic Industry.
9. Rajkumar is the only second person to get "Karnataka Ratna"
10. He gained more popularity in the "GOKAK" movement, which has saved much of the parts of Karnataka from Annexure in the states border disputes.
11. With all his powers, popularity, Charisma, He never entered POLITICS, RajKumar is considered the Powerhouse of any Karnataka government.

An Incident from 1970-75, Rajkumar was the only Non-Congressman, most Popular activitists NOT be arrested by Indira Gandhi government, Because he is no powerful, and down to earth that the most powerful Indira Gandhi never tried to put him behind bars.. because that would create a Massive Havoc, the Indian government at that time could not bare.

After, the Emergency, The Whole of Karnataka supported Rajkumar to Stand opposite to the Desperate Indira Gandhi. The BJP and JD, George Ferandes + Millions of Kanndigas requested him to oppose Indira Gandhi. But he refused to enter to politics. If at all, he had accepted the offer and without doubt he would win against Indira Gandhi.. He would have Created history in Indian Politics and Rubbed the Nehru families name from Karnataka politics...

Rajkumar always maintained simple life and punctuality in his work for 50 years. that he will never leave the hearts of millions of Kanndigas.

Awards after awards have flown to him, but yet he remained untouched my the fame and power.

he never used his popularity to take any Brands, political party.

He never portaryed himself in the movies with cigar, alcohol.
he is a very disciplined Man..

Dr. RajKumar, passed away, survived by millions of Kannda Fans..

Monday, February 27, 2006


YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS !!!!!!!! An Indian discovered that nobody can create a FOLDER anywhere on the computer which can be named as "CON". This is something pretty cool...and unbelievable... At Microsoft the whole Team, including Bill Gates, couldn't answer why this happened!


Thursday, February 02, 2006

IITians in Indian Politics - Join BJP 

Seems like Mani Rathnam’s Yuva is getting off the reels. Five IITians, all in their 20s, have decided to take up mainstream politics. The youths, based in Jodhpur, will be in the city to campaign for their national party, “Paritrana’’, which was launched in Jodhpur on Friday.
“Giving up handsome pay packages, comfort of family and support of friends wasn’t that easy,’’ says Tanmay Rajpurohit, the national president of the party and B Tech in aerospace from IIT Bombay followed by an MS from GeorgiaTech and double masters in arts.
“But my inner voice told me that I should invest my efforts in my country rather than making my pockets heavier,’’ said Ajit Ashwalayan Shukla, vice president of the party.

Visit the link below and u will find that only a selected few politicians can match their credentials. I salute them for having taken such a bold and patriotic decision. Let us all extend our full support to them...try n fwd this 2 all ur frnds.. as by the swami Vivekananda words...” a country's fate is in the hands of youth"...hats off 2 the guys..'n gudluk 2 them..

I strongly Feel that they should join a national party, which gives them freedom to work at the grassroot level. then they will have much broader reach and there ideas will be nutured.
Join BJP.


Thursday, January 05, 2006

How Friends Break? 

How Friends Break?

Both Friends will think the other is busy and will not contact thinking it may b disturbing. As time passes both will think let the other contact. After that each will think why I should contact first. Here ur love will be converted to Hate. Finally without contact the memory becomes weak. They forget each other.

One fine Day they will meet n blame one another.

So here I am to say u Hi,,,,take care keep in touch....

Friday, December 30, 2005

Indian Cricket team for the 'Deaf and Dumb' has won this year's World-Cup. 

One great news! that we all should be very proud of. The Indian Cricket team for the 'Deaf and Dumb' has won this year's World-Cup.
This great feat has gone un-noticed thanks to the careless media who kept on focusing on the worthless Ganguly.The captain of this team was Mr. Vivek Malshe.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Forum spamming 

What is Forum Spam?
If unrelated posts and link to other materials are posted on the discussion is a Forum Sapm.
Now a days, I see Forum Spam being used as Mode of advertisement. I believe People can do this, subjected that the post is relevant to the topic. also the likn to their products and services should be accompained with brief explanation on how the link solves or assists them in the problem they are facing.

if, We don't follow these rules then I think, Hanging out in forums will soon become a bad user experience.

Keep the Internet and Communities going..

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